Who we are at Pronica

ProNica Development is a consulting company dedicated to opening Nicaragua to a broader investment market by providing the highest standards of quality in research, accountability, professionalism, and responsiveness to clients. The company is based in San Juan del Sur, Rivas in southwestern Nicaragua.

Equally important as the company’s professional standards are its 3 guiding principles: social responsibility, environmental sustainability, and respect for Nicaragua’s legal structure and regulatory agencies. ProNica works one-on-one with clients to ensure their vision is realized in a way that will promote profitable enterprise and the preservation of the uniquely Nicaraguan qualities that brought us here in the first place, namely, the respectful people and natural beauty.

Our Mission Statement is rather simple, To initiate and facilitate responsible development in Nicaragua.

ProNica has one goal: to become the most trusted development consulting company in Nicaragua by providing unparalleled services to our clients, while respecting Nicaragua’s people and environment.

A few of our clients:

– Adelante Express, S.A.

– Buena Vida Fitness

– Costa Dulce Oceanfront Community

– Talanguera Townhomes

– La Panga Fish & Chips & more

 – Amazon SEO Services

– El Camino del Sol

The ProNica Development team is headed by Mark P. Sullivan.

Investors & Entrepreneurs

  • Feasibility Studies – Before executing any development project, understanding all the economic and social forces at play is a necessity to bring success to your project. ProNica development works with our partners to determine where the marketplace is, to project short and mid term changes in the market, and to understand the availability of the necessary resources to carry out their projects.
  • Market Research – If you have a business idea, but are unfamiliar with the demographic makeup and trends of the market, ProNica can help you develop and carry out a market research plan.
  • Strategic Development Plans – When considering the challenges that accompany growth and maintenance of a business, charting a strategy to guide the growth is crucial. ProNica Development works with clients to build strategy that will manage both the direction and scope of the organization as it continues to change.
  • Regulatory Environment – Understanding the laws and regulations of the country and municipality where you want to develop is one of the most important factors in ensuring a smooth development process. Ask ProNica about what permits and regulations your project will require.
  • Nicaraguan Tax Incentives – Nicaragua has passed many tax incentive laws that are designed to spur foreign investment in the country. They include tax exemptions and other incentives for investments involved with tourism, free trade zones and agriculture. ProNica works with our partners to navigate the application process in order to take full advantage of these benefits.

Environment, Energy and Sustainability

  • Environmental Impact Studies – ProNica Development offers full environmental impact assessments required by MARENA (Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources) to carry out construction projects.
  • Sustainable Design – ProNica Development assists our partners in understanding the cost benefits of incorporating sustainable design principles into their construction projects.
  • Sustainablilty Audits – Want to improve the energy and resource efficiency of your business? We are here to help you understand how to improve the sustainability of your enterprise.
  • Renewable Energy Development – We work with our partners to help them understand the vast opportunities that exist for renewable energy development in Nicaragua.

Government and NGO

  • Improving Tax Administration – ProNica Development is ready to help you put in place efficiency structures that promote the most effective collection and administration of taxes.
  • Improving Data Storage and Processing – We help our partners streamline the document processing, storage and recovery process.
  • Gathering better Statistics – Having numbers that accurately reflect reality is key to the decision making process. We are committed to helping local governments implement proven methodologies to improve the accuracy of economic, environmental and demographic statistics.
  • Marketing Services – ProNica Development leverages our experience in the private sector to help our governments and NGOs carry out publicity, marketing or public awareness campaigns.
  • Strategic Development Plans – Do you have an idea of what you want to do, but don’t know how to get there? ProNica Development looks at qualitative and quantitative factors that inform the strategy one should use to guide an idea from speculation to realization.

Pronica Developments

ProNica Development offers a range of services for the discerning investor, business owner, and organization. Below is a brief description of each service division. Click on a service for more information.

graphConsulting Services – Charting your organization’s success starts with reliable data and competent partners. Whether you’re an individual investor considering vacation home construction, a foreign institution looking to capitalize on the tourism-based tax incentives of Law 306, or an organization considering alternative energy investments in Nicaragua, you demand a consulting service tailored to your needs.

sunsetR.E.S.T. – Real Estate Security and Tracking package – Designed for foreigners that own property in Nicaragua, ProNica’s R.E.S.T. package provides you the peace of mind that comes with 3rd party oversight via and customized real estate investment reporting. R.E.S.T. assured your investment is safe with this comprehensive package of services that includes quarterly property visits, tax payment services, and more.

marketingMarketing Solutions – Does your marketing STAND OUT from the rest? From increasing your online presence to revamping a lackluster brand, ProNica Development knows how crucial marketing is to any venture’s success. Our marketing services include market research, brand strategy, website design, and a special service section dedicated to online marketing.

Responsible Development

At ProNica Development, the 3 guiding principles behind everything we do revolve around Responsible Development. These principles are captured in the name of our company ProNica Development; after all, we are only interested in development that is positive for Nicaragua.

Whether in Nicaragua or any country, the quality of your investment is affected by the quality of life of the local community. In addition to using market forces and the power of job creation to build social and material capital, we work with our clients to find constructive ways to improve and maintain the quality of the natural environment and advance the burgeoning human potential that exists within the people of Nicaragua.

The diversity of businesses and services that investors are bringing to Nicaragua position each enterprise in a unique situation to contribute to a vibrant community that enables the Upward Mobility of Nicaraguans. ProNica will sit down personally with all our partners and think creatively about what we can do to leverage our businesses and introduce sparks of creativity, knowledge and curiosity in the communities where we work.

ProNica Development gives preference to projects that share this vision of development. Ultimately, our goal is the same as yours; we want to make money. Our purpose is not to make businesses into philanthropic or environmental organizations, rather, we want to help improve the quality and reputation of businesses by putting our social resources to positive use and building environmental sustainability into our investments at the design phase, a practice which has been repeatedly shown to improve the bottom line in the long run.