Massage therapy is among the world’s quickly growing careers. There is great demand for highly qualified massage therapists in a variety of areas. These include spas, hotels, alternative health centres, fitness centres, beauty salons, and also major league sports organisations. The National Careers Service (NCS) reports that massage therapists who are self-employed may perhaps earn between £20 and £60 an hour, while knowledgeable therapists who may have acquired abilities in a variety of treatments are able to get almost as £40,000 a year. These are exclusive of tips, according to be able to the NCS. To get much better opportunities as well as lucrative prospects in the fast-growing industry, it’s recommended that future therapists have the ITEC sports massage course.

ITEC or even the International Therapy Examination Council qualifies as an awarding organisation. It’s a commonly recognised examination board which offers quality qualifications in beauty & fitness, sports, and complementary therapies and spa therapy. Massage therapists that have earned the ITEC qualifications of theirs can expect to have a world of lucrative employment opportunities all over the world. This’s due to the fact that ITEC maintains as well as implements rigid quality assurance and high standards which assure companies of exceptionally talented employees.

Sports Massage

Sports massage courses

No matter if you are planning to take on the fundamental sports massage program or maybe sports massage courses, make certain that the program will prepare you for ITEC diploma examination.

The General Council for Massage Therapy (GCMT) recommends that you study a thorough six month course full time or the one-year course part time. If you wish to specialise in a certain therapy, you are going to need to dive into more training apart from progressing to levels that are different like finishing a foundational program on anatomy and physiology to moving forward with clinical sports massage therapy.

Choose an accredited massage therapy school

One that’s especially recognised for the ITEC courses of its and for its staff members of exceptionally seasoned therapists which handle all of the classes. This indicates a high level of expertise, enabling you to get the required knowledge and skills you need to seek a prosperous career as a massage therapist. In addition, check in case the massage therapy school gives accredited postgraduate, advanced courses. This can allow you to advance further in the studies of yours, must you choose to expand to other therapies.

A sports massage therapist has a lot of benefits

You can help a massive amount individual suffering from pain. You can work anyplace in the world. You can earn as much as you can without obtaining the stressful workdays that most office workers experience. Whether you’re wanting to study the sports massage classes or maybe reflexology courses, make sure it’ll provide you with ITEC level qualifications.

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